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Charger product introduction

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(Charger) The charger realizes an optimized Wsa+Pulse charging characteristic curve through microcomputer control technology, and the charging current automatically drops with the increase of the charging voltage of the battery; combined with the pulse charging method at the end of charging, the charging effect is more ideal. The principle of capacity balance is used to intelligently judge the sufficiency of the battery to ensure that the battery is adequate-that is, neither undercharge nor overcharge. The charging has the function of dynamic tracking and adjustment of charging parameters and perfect protection.

Use the principle of capacity balance to intelligently judge the adequacy of the battery;

·Under the premise of ensuring sufficient battery power, it can greatly reduce the internal temperature and gas evolution of the battery during the charging process, and effectively extend the charge and discharge cycle life of the battery pack;

High-brightness LED indicates the operating status of the charger;

·Display battery voltage, power supply voltage, charging current, capacity, time and other parameter information, fault code displays fault content;

·With open circuit, reverse fault protection and alarm functions;

With overload, short circuit fault protection and alarm functions;

It has fault protection and alarm functions such as transformer over-temperature and module over-temperature;

· With automatic detection, delayed start, soft start function;

·With manual or automatic equalizing charging function to ensure the consistency of battery cell capacity;

· With automatic initial charging function;

·With desulfurization charging function;

·Unplug the charging plug during charging, the charger will automatically shut down.

Normal working conditions

(1) The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters;

(2) The temperature of the surrounding medium is not higher than +40℃ and not lower than -10℃;

(3) The relative humidity of the air is not more than 85% (when the medium temperature is 20℃±5℃);

(4) A place without conductive dust;

(5) An environment without explosion hazard;

(6) An environment that does not contain gases and vapors that can corrode metals and insulation;

(7) In a place where there is no rain or snow;

(8) In a place where the vertical tilt does not exceed 5 degrees and there is no severe vibration or impact.


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